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 My blogs aim to provide childcare business owners and managers with relevant business and childcare related information.

I am a Business Consultant specialising in the childcare sector. I am an active member of the Chartered Management Institute, Institute of Consulting, Federation of Small Businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.

I have been a Chartered Manager since 2007 I am also a 4Children Business Champion. I write feature articles for 2 childcare/family magazines, on issues that are of interest to families and childcare providers. I have been involved in childcare for over 35 years.

A life time ago starting with my NNEB training, I then became a registered Childminder, owned and managed pre-schools and full day care, worked as a paid employee and volunteer for the Pre-school Learning Alliance, delivered qualification and short childcare courses in FE colleges across Lancashire and North Yorkshire and worked as part of the early year’s teams at Blackburn with Darwen and Bolton LA for over 15 years. 

I started Ask Askew in 2011, although I mainly work for myself, I do work as an associate for the NDNA, CBIS and EYalliance (previously the Pre-school Learning Alliance). 


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5 Jun 2012

The rising cost of childcare

Much has been done over the last few years to find ways of supporting parents with childcare costs including employers’ childcare vouchers, childcare tax credits and subsidised childcare through the CAP pilots.

We would all agree that quality childcare is key to achieving good early years outcomes and is the building block for educational achievement in later years, but providing quality does come at a price...

20 Mar 2012

QR Code Marketing

By now, you’ve probably seen those funny postage-stamp-sized, pixilated, black and white codes in an ad or on a point-of-sale (POS) display somewhere.

Maybe you’ve wondered if you should use them in your marketing and whether they will be effective. 

5 Jan 2012

Motivating Your Team

People who are unhappy at work do their jobs badly, are often absent and are likely to leave. Your business will suffer unless you understand what motivates your team and take positive steps to meet their needs...

20 Oct 2010

Changes to first aid regulations

All employers are required to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to protect the health and safety of their employees. Aside for the moral or legal requirements, it is good business; the right first aid can help reduce sickness absence by dealing with an illness or injury correctly.