Turning your vision into reality

If Childcare is your business - It's Mine!

Supporting you to turn your vision into reality!

By working with Ask Askew you can be assured your new business will be built on solid foundations. As with any new venture there will be areas you feel comfortable with and other areas you will need help with, this is where Ask Askew can provide all of the support you need at critical points to ensure your venture is successful. We can provide any or all of the support required throughout every stage of the start up process; from pre-start up through development to physical start up. The support areas often required in each stage are detailed below and ongoing support following start up can also be provided.

Start up stages

  • General Planning

  • Market research and identifying demand

  • Feasibility

  • Sourcing a venue and obtaining approval

  • Interior and exterior design and layout

  • Business plan and financial forcast

  • Securing finance

  • Develop marketing plan

  • Project management of the site

  • Equipping the rooms

  • Market the nursery

Start up
  • Recruiting staff

  • Managing occupancy

  • Ongoing business sustainability